Intellectual Property is one of any company's most valuable assets, but is often overlooked. While most companies have a strategic plan to leverage capital, they may not have a plan to manage intellectual property.

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets can be valuable intellectual capital. Managed effectively this capital can be used to protect and develop new product lines, head off competition and increase market share. Having in-house and in-firm experience, we can appreciate different viewpoints and help with the key steps of assisting your business development in this specialized area.

Our services range from strategic consulting on what types of intellectual property you may have and might consider protecting, to outsourced management of patent portfolios and the roll of Intellectual Property Counsel to reduce internal costs. We provide top quality service for patent preparation and prosecution, including developing most of our own drawings to ensure the closest harmony between the description and claims. We also provide services for protecting trademarks, service marks, copyright registration and safeguarding trade dress and trade secrets. We can help with technology transfer and license agreements, as well as providing review and opinions regarding your prior protected technologies or those of third parties.

Whether you are prospectively a small or large client, well experienced or new to the issues of Intellectual Property, the Law Offices of Daniel W. Roberts are focused on assisting you. To learn more about how our services can be tailored to your specific needs, please contact us.